Powerball Grandprize is over $1 billion!

My mother always told me you got to spend money to make money. Wise words from someone, at the time who was a single mom and on Welfare. Well through hard work, sacrifice and dedication she earned an education and long term career. She instilled in me that nothing is free, to spend money, or rather invest, is to make money. To work hard, to define your goals and position yourself in order to obtain them. Hard work alone won’t get you anywhere, you still need to have an end goal, where do you want to be in 5, 10 20 years?

I have done the same, with the few opportunities presented to me, I’ve worked a number of jobs, founded several websites and attempted many ventures. I love participating in autosports, so I have a very neglected side site. I also make beer and wine, though at the moment it’s a seedling venture with a 10 year plan. At the moment I’ve really nailed down a focus on my YouTube Channel and Gaming website. Which is why this site, the first domain I bought back in 1999 is neglected. Chaos Rift, the reasoning behind the name is lost in time, but I love it dearly still.


What does all this have to do with the over $1 Billion Powerball Jackpot looming over the heads and in the hearts of everyone in this nation? Because I would be the worst winner they’ve had. Because I have a plan, formulated over years of strategy what I’d do with the money. See, I’d take the annuity instead of cashing out all at once. This presents a problem, no one does that. This would keep me focused and budgeted for at least 20-30 years. it’s my failsafe regardless if the jackpot was the $15 million (at the time I started thinking big) or $1 billion.

First I’d buy a new pair of sneakers. My wife is getting on my case that my ever so comfortable Solomon Trail runners is worn and ugly. But I love those shoes with a passion. But alas I need to eventually retire them for something new.

Then I’d buy my wife a new family SUV. She loves her Honda CRV, but I personally love BMW. So she’d be in a fully loaded X5. Because they’re the safest and best handling vehicles on the road. I strongly believe the best accidents are the ones avoided. At this point she’d know we won the lottery. We, because once married, you own nothing singly. It’s a worthwhile sacrifice to share your life with someone.

Shortly after winning Powerball I’d start accepting colleges requesting me to attend their 4 year business courses and high learning. See, I still deeply believe in a good education. I’ll be able to go to the best school and earn the best degree possible. This will help me manage the money as well as kick off the rest of my list and goals.

We’d pay off all our bills and start searching for land. This would be our house. A large cottage in the center of a vineyard. Because I love the old country look and the vineyard would be my fully realized beer and Wine goals. It would also be the beginning of my goal to create jobs.

I’d donate to the local Church, because I strongly believe helping your local community first, is far more important than those 10,000 miles away. Churches do this the best. They organize people, supplies and a purpose. They set goals and give direction. Because working alone, without goals, we as a people get nowhere. So a portion of my Powerball winnings is spoken for already without even winning.

My Kyokushin Sensei would be given the keys to his own dojo. Completely remodeled the way a proper dojo should be. Because martial arts, true martial arts are needed to be taught in America. Martial arts goes beyond fighting. It teaches character, respect and discipline. I’d not be where I am in life had it not been for that fateful day I joined Kyokushin in 2001. People need to understand hierarchy and authority because we’re falling apart as a nation and lagging behind the world because of it.

I’d then buy up houses and work with my friend’s construction company to remodel them. He’s a good, hard working person who is devoutly religious and has grown a company from nothing but hard work and dedication. So he’d have to expand his business to enter remodeling work. Those houses would then go to my Wife’s family who all at the moment live in a dusty mountainside country 10,000 miles away. They’ll have a better life with a start, but not a free ride. Other houses would be rented out as I collect properties. This would then require a property management company to go in, collect rent and maintain. Thus creating more jobs.

But being a horrible Powerball winner doesn’t stop there. I’ll be working even harder on my Youtube channel. Freed up from the full time job, I can focus on my hobby, my passion and dreams. This will spread out to helping others become successful, as I gain knowledge, I’ll share that with others. By helping people grow, you in turn are enabled to grow.

I’ll also invest money into businesses to kick start and grow. Because my world won’t stop with the Powerball jackpot, it won’t be my end game. It’ll be my beginning. My biggest fear is actually winning. Because I know I’d work impossibly long hours and burn out to achieve so many goals. But in the end, I could do it. Because that’s what I was made to do.

So in short, I’d be a horrible Powerball Lottery winner because I’d create over 1000 jobs, build up communities, help people and get a higher education. I wouldn’t be a life wasted story having gone broke after 15 years. No private jets, yachts or cocaine parties, just some guy who’ll create jobs and build a better place for us to live.

Thank you for reading this.