Seriously, stop texting and driving. That cute emoji can wait till you stop. Posting on facebook how the “Happy Song makes you feel good” can wait. Just don’t do it.

Family of 4 wreck texting and driving

Family of 4 wreck texting and driving

We were doing so great too as a country. Traffic fatalities were at a decline. Then suddenly the past few years saw a 14% spike. Thanks to texting and driving.


So just turn off the phone while you’re driving and you’ll get there. The text can wait. If the person gets upset, you don’t need them in your life.

The need for Self Driving cars is now

The rise is bad drivers and texting has given an urgency to self driving cars. Personally I never thought I’d be a proponent of this. I love drives on winding mountain roads and the fresh air of no traffic. But people are infinitely stupid. They find creative ways to wreck good things.

They may even find a way to wreck self driving cars. But hopefully the human factor can be completely removed in the future. Until then, be vigilant and pay attention to the road. Your car does not yet drive itself.