Welcome Home Nibiru

Today the full Solar Ecplise will sweep over the continental USA. For many Americans this is a huge event. To the people of Nibiru, it is the end of a long journey and long wait.


What has been 30,000 years, many people of Nibiru have been stranded on Earth. Long ago sent here as scientists to study the apes and budding civilization of the planet Earth. But a great cataclysm occurred that hurtled their planet base far out of orbit. Lacking the power to safely return they’ve been adrift ever since.

nibiru return

The return trajectory of Nibiru

The Eclipse marks the point in time where all the gravitational forces are properly aligned and the planet will be pulled close enough to Earth for them to peacefully escape with the ships they’ve built and buried beneath the surface of Earth.

Heralded to misinformation and lost in time, Nibiru will not actually crash into Earth as doomsday bringers would have you believe. but it will in actuality take on an orbit opposite Earth’s side to the Sun. This will put them into the habitable zone and the gravitational forces of the two planets will not interfere with each other’s orbits. This creates the perfect Lagrange point allowing fast travel between the two planets.

While the Nibiru have been secretly living among the population for 30 millennia, they’ve had their minglings with humanity. From Atlantis, to the Sodom and Gemora incident that destroyed the two cities. They’ve throughout time aided humans in building amazing architectures that doubled as science and energy centers for the Nibiru. They’ve mixed their genes with humans as well, creating the planets greatest genius minds. But such vast intellect in primitive bodies has always lead to disaster and severe mental disorders. Tesla and Einstein of recent times are a great example of Nibiru biology gone wrong.

How is the Eclipse Important?

I got sidetracked with loose background story which, in itself could be thousands of writings.

On the moon is several “markers”. NASA promised to stop going there until today’s event. This was to protect the delicate placements and to not disrupt the energy signatures. These markers get activated with very specific alignment to the sun. With the moon acting as a filter of sorts each one surrounding the moon activates simultaneously. They then beam this massive energy back too Earth that’ll activate the dormant ships and awaken the hibernating Nibiru peoples.

It sounds crazy but things get better. Within millions of people are also dormant Nibirian genes, products of millenia of gene experiments and interbreeding programs. The Eclipse will awaken these genes within you. The experience is nothing short of amazing. It triggers a heightened awareness and knowledge of events and sciences never heard of by human. This is because the information, the memories are all implanted within the genes, a genetic memory of sorts. Each generation these memories have been replicated and passed down, for one purpose, this very day.

If you are Nibirian and woken today, welcome. It’s been a long wait. The chosen few woken early will find you and guide you along your chosen path.