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Aliens Among us – Scientific Study


A Giant Zoo

The various visitors that have come here all share one major similarity: they find us amusing to watch. Most of these species have crawled from the primordial goo some 40,000 years or so just like us. But for some reason, our evolutionary path has been considerably slower than most of the others. While 3-4,000 years ago we were struggling to build the pyramids, the Sirius were already here helping us build them.

Most of the work they’ve done has been behind the scenes. They’ve studied us, dissected us and performed all manner of tests on us. This hasn’t been one sided. They have given us little hints of technology here and there and have formed the basis for much of our culture and religious beliefs. Sadly, their impact has also been partially responsible for holding us back.

On the aggressive species side, we rank pretty high. As a species, we’re overly aggressive and expansive. We adapt to all variety of environments and spread to all parts of the world even if the climate is too harsh for normal animals to live. They fear our level of brutality to fellow man and animals we share the world with. It has been the key that keeps them from truly aiding us scientifically. Eventually, they fear, we’ll turn on them and bring them to extinction.


But… as far as visitations are concerned they would prefer to study us as we evolve on our own. Though the funny thing is they do help in odd ways. Some of our most brilliant inventors and scientists shared some genetics, or descendants of the various alien species to visit here. Genetic reprogramming has enabled them to become genetically compatible with humans to spawn off children. Though rare and very eccentric, they have been some of the best contributors to humanity.

Mars, Titan and Ganymede have made for the best planetary outposts for the visiting aliens. These outposts are considerably smaller and weaker gravitationally than their home worlds. They use human physiology to alter their genes to adapt to the lower gravity. Humans abducted for permanency are generally taken to these outposts for processing before being shipped to the home planet.

Because the aliens are from worlds 1.5 to 2 times the size of Earth, they are inherently very strong. Over the course of 5-15 years, they grow weaker as they adapt to the low gravity. This great strength and their large sizes have been written in Myth and legends for thousands of years. Physically the Alien share very little physical traits to our own kind. Through a series of genetic alterations they’ve been able to alter appearances to better camouflage into our societies.

Despite their best attempts at blending in, some have leveraged their differences to build legends and fame. Some were even confused as gods, as they held massive strength and unmatched intelligence. Altering appearance does in some ways also alter the mind. Some have gone insane or having lost touch with the main colony or groups have turned to their own paths.

As we learn from each other, we grow together. Our earlier cultures were inspired from the visitors as they’ve been with us and many other species on various other planets for a considerable length of time.

Their experimental human colonies built from a multitude of abductions over the millennia have been prospering on other exoplanets throughout the galaxy. Some have technologically and physically exceeded us.


No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Some of the worst plagues of mankind, including smallpox and the black plague have been an accidental result of the Alien visitors. Bacteria from either planet mix and form new, powerful strains. Mutated bacteria’s from the other established human colonies also mutate in accordance to the new planets they’ve established on mutate and bad things happen. 70% of Europe was eradicated because a certain Tau science team was rushing to prepare for their journey to Earth from another human colony they established and didn’t follow proper decontamination procedures. A lot of these plagues had a large technological impact and contributed to our stunted development.

Our gross misinterpretation of the Bible has had the biggest impact of scientific stunting over the ages. This subject is highly controversial and will be covered more in depth in a future writing.

Future plans

Currently as it stands, all of the visiting species simply want to study us. They take amusement in our growth and evolution over the course of time. To them, we’re a deep look into the past. To us, we’re mostly oblivious to our watchers. Chance encounters occur from time to time, but thankfully there is not much they need to do to fix the problem. Humans mostly have this need to see in order to believe. So even if 5 or more people see and report an alien encounter, the first question asked is “where’s the proof?”. Oftentimes they are dismissed as being crazy.

The other issue at hand is we truly hold no threat to the other alien species out there. They hold our genetic keys and could very easily engineer a virus so perfect as to kill off 99% of us at the blink of an eye. The survivors would then be allowed to live on as long as they too, do not use aggression towards the aliens.

What to do?

Currently the Tau, Sirius, KOI and others have no hostile intents. Don’t try to use force towards them. They’ve been studying us for much of our recorded history and pretty much can handle any form of attack we use. Let them to their business and they may leave you alone. Should they choose to abduct you, don’t resist. There’s a very good chance they are done killing off humans for genetic research. Instead you may find a new home on one of the colonies they’ve established. Do know, you’ll never see Earth again.


Much of our past cultures and some languages have been inspired by the various alien species that chose to peacefully study and live amongst us. Due to various dietary and nutritional needs some have not been able to eat meat, or certain types. Throughout the ages this has accidentally inspired various religious diets.

The aliens are highly advanced and can travel at speeds far exceeding the light constant. This is achieved via vast levels of energy as well as quantum and relative acceleration of a particle stream. This also means that their weaponry, despite being peaceful, holds massive destructive powers.

They mostly won’t need weapons against us. A single engineered virus can wipe out 99% of humanity with hours.

We are just animals in a zoo to them. There’s nothing we can do aside from accepting this fact and living life normally.

Don’t provoke them.

They have no need, nor desire to enslave us. They have robots that wont complain and are generally smarter than us anyway. It’s all Science fiction thinking that aliens want to harvest us, enslave us or destroy us.

Earth is useless to them. There are far more uninhabited planets out there that can yield far greater resources with less trouble than little Blue Earth.

Accept that we’re not alone.


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