The Aliens among us – the ships used

A brief introduction

Throughout history, various alien races have taken interest in our little blue planet. While most interest has been purely scientific in nature, some have guided us along in our culture, growth and understanding of the universe. The greatest of their help have been the pyramids across the planet.

Many of the ancient races were visited by Tau Ceti, Sirius and other close planets. This was due to the inability to exceed light speed travel, but to obtain speeds close to it. Average mission times from these planets would be 10-25 years to reach Earth. They were self-contained missions capable of scientific research and observation without need to contact the main planets.


The new visitors

Within the past 1-2 hundred years, scouts have been sent from the KOI-172 star system. At 1040 light years from Earth they’ve had to conquer great hurdles to reach us.

The KOI ships are mainly geometric designs, best described as closely triangular in shape. They have been able to exceed light speed for a short distance of about 1500 light years at most. This has enabled them to explore the farthest from their home planet. But this does present problems.

Wormhole travel is prohibitive on energy for their smaller interceptor class scout ships they use for planetary exploration. To get past this, they travel at the faster than light speeds of a more or less conventional engine. These engines are powered by quantum dynamics that are able to accelerate a mass of particles at ever increasing speeds. As the ship accelerates, the dynamic of time slows and the particle stream becomes easier to accelerate at ever increasing speeds.

As the ship accelerates the energy demands greatly decrease. This excess of energy can be used for their magnetic shielding, cloaking (yes optical cloaking) and weaponry. You wouldn’t send a ship, even a scientific vessel to unknown solar systems without weaponry now would you? As it turns out, I digress; even the most peaceful alien species (the Tau) understand the need for weaponry for self-defense. While they believe in peace, they hold true to the understanding that others do not share their belief and begrudgingly have a military.

Communications are done in real time via the quantum entanglement phenomenon. This requires a specialized communication device for each command figure they need to report back to. The benefit though is instant communication regardless of distance. The true range and effect of leaving the range of Quantum entanglement is still unknown. As to effect it could be as basic as the particles in effect simply cease to exist to something as a catastrophic explosion as the energy of the particles is released, setting off a chain reaction.


This is a brief and more will be covered about the various alien species in future articles. The KOI are semi peaceful, more closely resembling the complexity of the human mindset. They thrive to conquer, to scientific collection of knowledge and to find the place of religion and spirituality in all of their discoveries. The KOI are as familiar with war as they are scientific progress. Much like Humanity, they’ve waged wars over religion, science, monetary gain and petty squabbles. It’s quite hard to fathom that a species living so far away can develop a very similar mentality as us.

Arrival to Earth

Traveling 1000 or more light years in distance is quite a daunting task. For one, since the relativity in time is now slowed to seemingly move in reverse, predicting the exact location of the target planet, 10-50 years in the future is computationally intense. The energy to accelerate the ship starts out as a massive demand. As acceleration happens the energy needs diminish greatly. As mentioned above, due to this, the ships have magnetic shielding, cloaking and energy weaponry. During the first few minutes of acceleration the ship is vulnerable because all the energy goes to the engines, life support and navigation systems. Just enough shielding to deflect small particles is directed to the front of the ship.

Deceleration is also intensive. Power is just redirected forward and requires intense energy at first, and diminishes as the ship slows. This is seemingly obvious, but slips by many drivers on the road. The best points of acceleration and deceleration are the Lagrange points where the gravity of the moon and Earth sort of cancel each other out. This gravitational bubble is the ideal location to come to rest after a long journey.

As the ship slows it cloaks. By this time it has reached the edge of our solar system and as airplanes fight the jet stream, they’re now going against the solar wind. This aids in slowing down. They’re now traveling at roughly 0.8 the speed of light.

Timing now is critical. The speed is intense and our solar system is filled with all sorts of debris. Cloaking and shielding are critical elements at this time. Once they have arrived in the Lagrange point sometimes, due to a minute miscalculation they do an atmospheric bounce. This is in part due to their home planet is roughly 1.5 times the Earth size and the ship is (usually) still on autopilot. Some captains, after a long journey like the thrill of the final moments and take control of their ship. This sometimes results in spectacular collisions and crashes. Yes, even alien species can be risk takers and thrill seekers.

In the following photo, you can see their ship after it has matched Earth’s orbit and stabilized it’s speed. It had bounced off the atmosphere and had to disable cloaking to recalibrate the magnetic shielding. During this stage, damage is assessed and repaired, diagnostics are also run. During this time frame, they are vulnerable to overzealous government attack and other species that may be in the area and not like them too much. If you think Global politics is bad, Intergalactic politics is one thing we are fortunate to not be involved in.


Living among us

This subject will be very briefly touched upon and later expanded. Once the ship is stabilized, which could only be a few minutes or several days. They resume cloaking and scientific research. One such goal is genetic adaptation. They want to learn to live amongst us for easier research. Changing their diet for easier blending and survival is key. Much of the popularized “inside out” cattle are the KOI  studying our food stocks and quite literally adapting their body and pallets for consumption. Many other such visitors over the past thousand or so years have taken to strict vegetarian diets to live among us. This is the easiest food source to adapt to. The Tau and Sirious have settled in Egypt, South America and India, many millennia ago and have in some small way even influenced the diets of the regions.


Mars Colony ship.

The Tunguska Incident

As mentioned above, the thrill seeking nature of the alien visitors sometimes ends poorly. The Most famous of them is the Tunguska “meteor” event that occurred in 1908. The strike was in fact a test of a new ship design from KOI. They’ve only recently been visiting us due to the great distance and relative difficulty in breaking light speeds.

Due to the nature of the mission, it was coined as a one way trip, their selection was more keen on the risk takers and thrill seekers. The mentality of the crew was almost one you’d find in Pirate movies. They loved the adventure and didn’t care if they never returned. Most of the 100 crew members had no family. Others traveled as a family, their cultural equivalent to our husband and wife.

The ship had done a bounce off our atmosphere and ripped through the Lagrange point. The tide of gravitational change and atmosphere hit the ship’s hull at different densities causing massive structural anomalies. The shielding failed reducing ship structure and knocking out stabilizing engines that allows the ship to maneuver and maintain orbit. The captain ordered an emergency landing in a remote area of the planet. This was to avoid any form of discovery and potential conflict. Crew size and casualty rates were simply undermined to take any risk of encounter.

The ship was stabilized by engineering and a target window of entry was calculated. As landing quickly was imperative to their survival, the entry point was less than optimal. The ship hit the atmosphere like a missile and started to burn up. The shields were still not operational from their earlier hit and the structure was starting to collapse on itself.

At roughly 6 miles above the surface the captain received orders to destruct the ship and be hailed as heroes. Thanks to quantum communication, all data from the mission to the point of destruction was recorded in real time. The captain obeyed the orders and set the destruct sequence. This essentially overloads the reactor, dissipates energy to minimize the explosion radius and essentially atomizes the hull. A special form of energy is transmitted through the hull that literally reverses magnetic attraction of particles. This abrupt desire to now repel each other causes a pretty big boom. The resulting disintegration of the ship and crew from roughly 4 miles above the surface, left minimal debris and leveled several hundred acres of forest below. The molecules eventually regained their natural attractions and reformed into smaller dust particles which then settled into the sediment of the soil below. This was enough to leave traces of the ships elements behind.

original (2)

Mars Colony ship as seen from above. Thrusters can be observed angling the ship for a high gravity drop.


Purely Research

To touch lightly on future articles on our alien visitors, they’re here purely for research. Despite common Science fiction and other writings glorifying Earth as a planet supple of resource and water that aliens would want to wage war on us to steal all the resources. It’s merely that, science fiction. Truth be told, as much as we’d like to believe, Earth is worthless for resources. There are bigger and better planets out there, devoid of life that can be mined for all the riches it holds. No need to wage a massively expensive war or any of those other needs. They’ve colonized Mars and after it’s magnetic barrier shut down, buried their cities underground, where the water still is. These colonies thrive in massive cities as they mine deep below the surface of the planet for all the unrefined elements.

The aliens are here to study us as we would apes in a zoo. They want to know why, despite being on the Earth as long as the other species of aliens, we haven’t grown as technologically on par as the others. They enjoy the look into the past at how we’re developing. They do help on occasion, but try to maintain as pure an observational posture as possible.

Yes, there have been abductions of human for study. Most have been returned, tagged and chipped just as we do to other species to observer them in their habitat. The humans not returned have been broken down to their basic DNA structures to study for gene therapy treatments. These allow the Alien to assume our looks and diets to be studied more closely.

They choose rural towns for the very good reason of not being detected. Governments take their reports less serious and it gives the Aliens much more room and freedom to operate. Just as the anthropologist lives among remote tribe, adapting to their customs and ways to learn more about how they live, the Aliens do the same for us.

Charles Darwin was so correct on survivability. It is based more on adaptability than it is who is stronger.

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Close up view of colony ship. The Bridge is up top with the gun array turret. Thrusters are off as it has started using the magnetic repulsor field to control descent to Mars.