That time in Little Switzerland

Love for Little Switzerland

I love traveling around the North Carolina Mountains and Blueridge parkways. You can really open up the throttle and go. Well until some city folk are on the road then they’re doing 20mph, because curvy roads are scary. MY favorite location in Little Switzerland is the Skyline Village Inn. They’re my home away from home on the weekends.

Mike, the Skyline Village Inn owner, invited me up the other day to do some drone shots with the bikes he rents out. So they took the BMW’s and first stop was the Historic Orchard and Altapass. This was a beautiful location with amazing Apple pie. The shot was great to set up as it was just below the Parkway and within ability to take off and land a drone.

Afterwards we drove through the mountains of Little Switzerland and set up some more scenic shots. Some dirt trails, bridges and other interesting locales.

Getting Thrifty

As the day marched forward we took a speedier, paved route back to the Inn. I met up with Thrifty Adventures, the Carlina adventure Guides. We took the drone out with the remaining battery power and filmed their tubing group. This was quite the trip. I got to take up a vantage point over a large pedestrian bridge overlooking the river. Filmed the tubers, got some great footage and abandoned them to grab food.

That’s right, by 3pm I was famished. Breakfast was at 7am to make the trip up. Being a traveling videographer is taxing on the body at times. No food, no drink for long hours. But this was an adventure and all well worth the trip to Little Switzerland.

If you’re in the Charlotte North Carolina area check out Charlotte Outdoor Adventures – CHOA. They’re an avid outdoors club that mix it up with dinner parties, wine tastings and other social events. Their closed group, vetted leadership gives them the edge of one calendar, safe events.

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