Adventure Guy: The Story Begins

It’s high time I started to share my many adventures with the world. Life doesn’t end when you pass 30, it begins. I just hit the center of my 30’s. I’m in better shape, do more, see more and live more than I have in my first 30 years. In fact, in 7 months i’ve done more with my life than ever before. I barely remember last week and know too many people to count. All a positive life changes.

I’m not writing to brag, or show off or any of that. I’m sharing my adventures, my goals and life with anyone who cares. The one thing is these stories are all real, with no need to inflate, because they’re already so huge.

So let’s start off with the introduction. About a year ago I completely did a life reorganization. I was climbing ever closer to 200 pounds, size 36 jeans were crushing me and it was almost time to go to size 38. I said NO WAY IN HELL. I made small, yes small lifestyle changes. I didn’t go on some fad diet, or workout 20 hours a day, I changed the way I live life.

My first change was small. I measured my flavored coffee creamer and realized for each coffee I had, was nearing 500+ calories. I had 3-4 a day. I cut the measurement back to 120 calories. Sure it doesn’t taste as good, but I get my coffee and the weight almost magically started to drop. I also cut back on portion sizes. Within a month I was eating the same foods, just smaller portions and lost 10 pounds. I was psyched.

From April to August I kept dropping pounds and hit my ideal weight of 165. Almost a year later have maintained that weight, and I love ice cream and beer.

I then joined an outdoor adventure group called Choa. I started going on 2 hikes a weekend that averaged 8-10 miles. The first 2 weeks was killer on my legs, but I improved. This group is where my life started and is now a second family and home for me.

It’s almost my Choan year anniversary and I’m psyched. I have a grand number of friends, always activities to do and I’m extreme sports sort of guy. Not everyone can keep up with me, and those that do, humble me where I stand. I’m not the best, i’m not the worst, I’m happily in the middle, ever climbing up, pushing myself to do more impossible, more dangerous, more fun.

This is where my story starts. The next few weeks were going to be a brain dump of articles to catch up and then I’ll give Adventure Guy updates as time progresses. If possible I’ll Share Video and pictures.

In the coming weeks the stories will be about: Waterfall Rappelling and falling, Cliff diving, burning boats, Rock Climbing, hiking in lightning storms and fires. Also some parties to celebrate life and fellowships.

Chaos Meister is all about video games, video editing and having fun. Not the best writer, I think most of it is just spin.

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