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Charlotte: Dismal Dating Scene


As a guy in charlotte, you’d think it’s a dating gold mine. The woman outnumber us 2.5 to one. Yes, it’s very likely you could enter a bar with a girl on each arm and a third following with a cart containing your iron balls. Sorry to burst your bubble so short, but that sh*t just aint gonna happen unless you’re a Man. I’ll address that in a moment.

I’m in a unique position that puts me in contact with a vast number of single woman in Charlotte. Their ages vary from 18 to 50+. Regardless of their age, I hear the same story. Even at 40 they’re just as confused as the 18 year old. The boys are just as immature. There just aren’t many “Men” in Charlotte. That pushes the already good ratio to about 10 woman to each Man in Charlotte. Yes, my gender is reduced to whiney, petty girly boys who haven’t grown up, or who are more concerned with their frothy, whipped cream coffee, fashion and looking pretty than the most important thing… Taking care of the woman and her needs. Yeah a guy who needs more product int their hair than a woman… bye loser. More on that later.

Going back to point one. When I say Man, I’m not talking man, as in having a penis, that’s just genetics. The woman in Charlotte are fiercely independent and have access to some really amazing sex toys. They can stay single and happy forever. They don’t need a boy, they want a man, someone who has something to offer. Someone who cares about them as a person, who isn’t afraid to get dirty and mess up their manicures and pedicures. They want a Man who can get all sweaty, toss their shirt aside, grab them firmly and say it like it is. They want a Man passionate about life and more passionate about the woman they’re with.

The woman in Charlotte are pretty self sufficient. They hold really damn good jobs, have their own places, almost always roommate free and pretty much have all their financial needs squared away. This pushes the traditional male out to pasture. They don’t need financial support or a guy with ass loads of cash. They need something different now. They need “gasp” an equal.

What is it like to be a woman’s equal? It means mutual respect. Sure a woman will have wild sex with a guy who’s a douchebag. But, if she doesn’t respect him, it wont be for very long. She’ll move on as if he never even existed, leaving him wondering why his life sucks and he cant hold on to a woman for more than a month. He may have a good thing for a bit, but woman talk, oh boy do they talk. In Charlotte, there’s few places you can go without running into people you know. One bad review and you’ll find yourself a dating lepper.

Usually when I attend a Club event, I’m the token Man, there’s a good 5-10 Woman, mostly single and then me and perhaps 1-2 other single guys. What are we doing you ask? Drinking wine while praising the cheese? Getting our nails done? Hell no! We’re outdoor Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Rappelling down waterfalls, you know dangerous crap that men should be doing. Yeah these woman are all hot and have well toned bodies. When they’re not doing dangerous stuff, they’re out running a 15k… While the boys stay home drinking Miller Lite and watching sports all while thinking they’re tough and wondering why all the hot single woman aren’t pounding down their door for hot 30 seconds love fest.

Yeah, In my unique position, I hear the horror stories of dating and the dearth of good sex. Most have been single for a long while and would prefer to stay that way than to end up with another loser.

Some other horror stories I hear are just sad. Woman paying for the first date. Woman dating men older than them, with double their already good income and being financial taken advantage of. Woman going Single because the guy they’re interested in, well his balls got sucked somewhere into his body and he’s afraid to ask her out. Yes Guys, most woman wont ask you out even if they really want you, if you’re interested Man the frack up…

I have so many stories to tell about just how low quality the boys in Charlotte are. The Woman aren’t asking for a whole lot. Just Maturity, a guy who can hold a conversation, someone who can show them they mean something and most of all, a guy not afraid to be himself, get a little dirty, fix a car, change his own oil and be a little more athletic than drinking at bars all night. It’s really sad they had to lower their standards that much just to get a date.

Oh and guys, if you’re on the first date, and she goes for the tab, yeah it’s a test. She may pay it, but chances are will never answer a phone call/text from you ever again and yo’ll never know why. Yeah, toss the cash on the table and tell her it’s all good. That small investment will be well worth it.

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  1. It’s a zero sum game, dear. As your fair sex has pushed relentlessly into the man’s domains, he’s moved off to playing video games and drinking lattes at Starbucks. OH WELL. Hope that paycheck is worth the lonely, loveless life you’ll most likely have to live.

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