PayPal Hypocrisy

Recently North Carolina Governor McCory passed a state law unifying “Gender based hate Crimes” stating that cities cannot make their own anti-discrimination laws. It’s not ant-LGBT, but more of a means to protect children from Charlotte NC’s poorly written law.

According to a government worker, under the law passed by Charlotte, he would not be allowed to question any person using a restroom not of their gender. So if an obviously straight male with full beard and biker shorts wanted to enter the girls room after Girl Scout troop 24 came back from kayaking and were showering, he could not legally stop this man. Further if the man were fully naked among the underage girls and sporting wood, the government worker would not legally be allowed to remove this guy, even if others complained. In fact the government worker would have gone to jail for various hate crimes and illegal detainment. Even though he was obviously doing his job protecting these girls. Yes, this person has had to stop people from entering the wrong restroom on numerous occasions prior to the thankfully repealed law.


But in corporate bullshit, trying to take political sides, PayPal has withdrawn their plans to build an office in Charlotte and employ 400 people. Unfortunately their other locations have actual anti-LGBT laws, dealing quite a blow of hypocrisy to their poorly thought out decision.

The PayPal international headquarters is in Singapore. In 2006, PayPal opened a technology center in Scottsdale, Arizona. They also opened a software development center in Chennai, India in 2007. In October 2007, PayPal opened a data service office on the north side of Austin, Texas, and a second operations center in La Vista, Nebraska that same year.

If PayPal Does not withdraw from these locations they will fully be lying to the people

  • Nebraska – hate crimes law covers hate crimes based on sexual orientation but not those based on gender identity.
  • Singapore – does not recognize relationships of same-sex couples in any form. Post-operative transgender individuals have, since January 1996, been permitted to marry a person of the opposite sex.
  • India – On 15 April 2014, Supreme Court of India declared transgender people as a socially and economically backward class entitled to reservations in Education and Job, and also directed union and state governments to frame welfare schemes for them
  • Texas – introduced House Bill 2801 , which  declares that schools must “adopt a policy providing that only persons of the same biological sex may be present at the same time in any bathroom, locker room, or shower facility.” The legislation does not define how a student’s “biological sex” would be determined or verified.

    The bill does, however, make the school liable to any cisgender (nontrans) student who “encounters a person not of the student’s biological sex” in a bathroom, locker room, or shower. Every student who successfully proves the school violated this would-be law “shall be awarded … exemplary damages in the amount of $2,000.” That sum does not include the “actual damages,” which the bill notes includes “damages for mental anguish even if an injury other than mental anguish is not shown.”

  • Arizona – Arizona Senate Bill 1045, dubbed “no loo for you” by local residents, would permit business owners to restrict access to gender-specific facilities based on a person’s gender identity or gender expression.

So in PayPal’s big stink about a law unifying the law across the state, they overlooked the laws and regulations in the states and countries they currently occupy.

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