Parents of Charlotte Pizza Hut Robber Upset Son was shot, killed.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Parents Temia Hairston and Michael Grace Sr have had a pretty tough week. Their son, Michael Grace Jr, was shot and killed attempting an armed robbery early Sunday morning.

Police said Grace Jr and two other people tried to rob a Charlotte Pizza Hut in the 3200 block of Freedom Drive. During the incident, an employee used his own handgun to defend himself and shot Grace Jr, who later died.


Hairston said she learned of her son’s death on social media, and only got confirmation from police after contacting them first. The grieving mother said she has been left with dozens of questions about the situation that have thus far gone unanswered.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Charlotte Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” said Hairston.

Hairston and Grace Sr acknowledged that their son was breaking the law by robbing the business, and said they definitely don’t condone what he did.


The parents are angry that their son was shot and killed by an employee. They don’t believe the full story has been released to the public.

“Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?” questioned Hairston about the employee who shot her son.

She said her son was shot in the head, and she thinks the shooting may have even been personal, citing past conflicts Grace Jr. had had with other employees at the restaurant.

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear. A head shot is personal,” said Hairston.

Even though their son was in the process of committing a crime, the family thinks his death was undeserved and unjustified.

Hairston said she thinks the employee who shot her son needs to be in jail, and wants all parties involved in the situation to be honest about what happened.

You’re wrong!

Hairston, you’re wrong. Your son made his own bad choices that day. He picked up a gun. He then used that gun to threaten the lives of other people. It’s the right of ANYONE to defend themselves. You’re son acted like a thug and died like a thug.

If it were the police who shot him like you mentioned… Do you not remember the riots, not so long ago, over another guy with a gun being shot? Charlotte doesn’t need more of that crap.