The Trump Voter.

In my town, which is half rural, half city (weird i know) the confederate flag is flown all the time, not just for Trump. These people are proud of their heritage. To them, it’s not racism, it’s a historical symbol of where they came from, the wars their ancestors fought. Many live in sprawling trailer parks or undersized 2 bedroom homes lining the deep backroads, from from the section where city commuters live, close to the highways. Many work odd jobs or live off the system, having been abandoned by the textiles and other industries that once employed them, but are now overseas.

A mile the other way from my house is the more “liberal” side. The landscape transitions from pickup trucks, John Deere and well manicured lawns to a literal shithole of impoverished. Crime is high and at times has spilled into my neighborhood. But I live among old retired cops and military personnel, they shoot first and say “get off my lawn” later. Most criminals avoid the neighborhood as there’s only one way in and they prefer easier targets other than “gun toting rednecks”.


The redneck Trump Voters aren’t these racist assholes the media portrays them to be. Granted, I’ve had my runins with those dumber than the turd I stepped in; but They’re the hardworking backbone of America. They’re Spanish migrants, Philippine, blacks and whites (I cant cover it all). They’re the craftsmen building amazing furniture in their garages. Side mechanics that’ll fix up your car and charge an honest fee. They’re the farmers that grow our local sourced food that the frail city dwelling Hipsters thrive on.

These rural rednecks are also the dirt poor coal miners and factory workers abandoned and jobless when their companies moved overseas to employ 10 cents to the dollar. The same tax loopholes that are now ravaging tech jobs, customer service… robbing America of it’s industry and workers of their jobs.

It’s these people, the Trump Voters who are fed up and got out to vote. They put their faith into Trump that he may bring jobs and industry back where it belongs. In America.