There she was in the parking lot, waiting for me. Smile that could melt your soul. No matter what life handed her she had a mystical glow, it was intoxicating. An addiction I could not get enough of. We set off for our date, what would end up being our last. Two of us. Broken souls looking for love, but to each don’t feel we deserve it. It’s a curse and a burden we both bare.

She jumped into my car, leaving hers behind. It was a busy lot and we had to rush. Excitedly I ruin the surprise. A pearl necklace in my hand I hand it to her as I start to drive. “No matter what happens tonight, this is yours to keep” I said, holding back the tears. I knew we were through. This would be good bye. But my heart so melted, so craved her. We had dated for only a short time, but the closer we got, the harder our scars pushed us apart. We love each other immensely. There was no reason for her to be there that night. We had not talked for weeks, but we needed this. A happy memory, a grand good bye.


She sat there speechless for what seemed forever. So many thoughts racing through her head. “It’s beautiful” she said. She tried to confess her sins while we were apart, but I stopped her.

“It’s your’s no matter what” I repeated.

“I’ll let you put it on me, thank you so much” she meagerly said to me..

“That was the plan, but I was so excited, I ruined the surprise.” I mentioned as the car turned at the intersection.

We got to the location of our date. In the parking garage she pulls up her hair and I slip on the necklace. It’s beautiful on her. Her skin shines and radiates with the pearls. I turn away to hide a watery eye. Tonight she is my princess, and I’ll treat her like royalty. I’ve never had tears in more years than I can remember. Something about her, made me weak, full of emotions I am not used to. She terrifies me, but I was trying to be brave in the face of love. A monster I fear more than death itself.

She shows me her dress and shoes she had just bought that day. She spent far too much money, but “You only live once” she says.

We take the elevator to the 19th floor. It is all mirrors, she sees for the first time the necklace upon her neck. “It’s beautiful on you isn’t it?” I said in a quiet voice.

“That’s a smart man” one of the elevator guests proclaims. I blush. Embarrassed, I’ve not treated a woman this good in over a decade. She is a classy Slavic woman and commands the respect. I gave it.

I greet the Hostess. She remembers me, because I frequent this location. My woman looks at me and smiles. She’s taking it all in. Not used to this life. All she knows is work to make ends meet. I talk them into giving us a seat at the edge of the roof with an amazing view. We’re seated fairly fast, but she had wandered to the bar so I go and get her. This is not a normal thing she’s thinking. I see it in her eyes. She’s lost in a thousand thoughts.

We have an amazing night at the rooftop bar. The city below us lit up and bustling. She never gets to see this view, as she’s usually working and never gets to just sit and relax. It’s special and meaningful night for her. We eat, we drink, we talk for far more hours than we had planned. It’s almost as if the fires of love rekindled in our souls. For a brief moment we both forgot the pain of love and loss.

We take round 2 of drinks, something new for her. She loves Mojitos, but tonight was her night, so she tried something new. Both were amazing. I pay the tab and the evening is not done. We sit at our table and talk, our lips meet as if we had never broken up. No resistance, no hesitation, just the chemistry we shared so amazingly. We stop, decide to leave our table and see the other side of the bar. The big sitting room is empty, so we find a spot on the couch and sit. It’s just the two of us and a magical moment.

She puts her legs over mine and sits back on the couch. Our conversation just goes places. But we never talk about “us”. We just talk, bond and enjoy our time together. It was an amazing moment I can’t forget. Just the two of us, city lights below.

It’s closing time and the staff had blocked off the section we were in. We leave and I drop her off at her car. The parking lot is less busy, so I can park next to her.

I had 2 dozen roses bought for her, one red, one pink. As she goes to her car I give them to her. But from each dozen I pluck 1 for myself. We kiss for a long time. Just the two of us in the big empty parking lot. A deep breath and we part.

“I have to go” she whispers.

“I know”.

I watch her drive off. She texted me when she got home. “Thank you for the amazing night”.

That was the last I ever heard from her.

She was invited to a Halloween party a week later, but never came.

The two roses, dead and wilted from our last, amazing memory adorned my costume hat. The love we shared, our broken hearts slowly dying. Too afraid to love.