Off the Chain of Reality

I’m not one for conspiracy theory, but, I’m starting to believe our reality is a complete fabrication on itself. Here me out here. It’s crazy talk right? I’m only really skimming thoughts in this article. Quick points that will need further expansion later. Each heading is literally a book of thoughts in my head.

Eternity is Boring

Seth, god of Chaos is our patron God.

Seriously, this hypothesis is going straight down the rabbit hole. Eternity is boring. Think of your current life. Be it 20 years or 100. Things get pretty routine and dull unless you are constantly mixing things up, but that too becomes hard work and routine. Now think of living for 1000 years. Granted the last 1000 years of human history was pretty interesting. A series of wars, plagues and industrial revolution really spiced things up for the modern world. But we’ve flatlined again. All modern technology is just improvements on the same old thing. Nothing is truly innovative. You’re probably thinking how cool that would be right? But somewhere you’d find a way to get pretty mundane, but now you are living much longer.


So the Gods are pretty bored. That’s why the universe exists, filled with an estimated 100 billion galaxies. Add in parallel universe theory and this number explodes even bigger.

Even if you could instantly travel any distance… Most galaxies would blink out of existence and new ones born before you ever got to explore most of them. This is the key to eternal life. For a small fragment of time, you forget your immortal existence. You plop down to a random galaxy and planet, live a life, die and go home for a while until you want to start over.

There are two popular video games that cement in this theory. No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous. Elite has been out for a few years now. Thousands of players have been to one end of the virtual galaxy to the other and yet barely 1% of the Solar systems have been discovered. Each solar system then has planets, moons…

In no man’s sky you have solar systems to visit and planets to land on to explore. Travel is pretty quick, 1000 light years passes by in a few seconds. But at the same time, you also pass by a few hundred solar systems. Each with planets and moons.

If these two games represent a barely implemented proof of concept of our own universe… Immortality gives infinite chance to explore and live infinite lives. Thought food there.

Which Leads me To

Maybe we’re in a VR video game. It’s also losing popularity. Think about this one. Pyramids were built all across the world roughly 5,000 or more years ago (2630 bc). A popular theory is they were natural power stations. Pharohs just seconded them as a tomb. Like a drunken second thought “I want to be buried there”. So common belief is the Pyramids were built as tombs, but there is so much more. Supposedly Gods and Aliens frequented the Earth in those times, but are now gone. The last “god” was 2000 years ago. This video game is losing popularity and we’re all that’s left in a dying customer base. Or they found a new planet that is even more popular to mess with. Now I’m one of last remaining players on this planet and you’re all NPC’s simply existing to entertain.

This leads into my next heading. Things are too perfectly placed in this world to be constant coincidence. Like in a game world, things are intentionally placed for the player. That’s how things feel at times in the real world.

History is Written by the Survivors

The Tartarian empire was one of the biggest in the world. But Russia won and wiped their history out. The last of the Tartars are spread across the world. Their last remaining population is mostly in Crimea. Which is one of the reasons Russia wants to wrest control of the Ukraine, so they can finish wiping out Crimea.

What you were taught is not what is real. Bringing back the pyramids, I grew up being taught they were Tombs for Pharaohs of Egypt. Logical me never agreed with this. Why would you spend 20 years, and 10,000 builders working day and night for a place to be buried? Asking questions like this breaks you from your fabricated reality. It’s been discovered that the design of the pyramids does indeed generate massive amounts of static electricity. This is achieved as the winds sweep up the sides and create a sort of vacuum through the interconnected chambers. Erosion of the out limestone diminished this effect, but not entirely. Imagine how our world beliefs would be shattered by knowing the hidden truths. In modern times Nikola Tesla was working on “free” energy as well. but all his work was buried by the FBI. Same goes for how the Vatican hoards thousands of years of world knowledge. The Egyptians controlled electricity through the Ankh. Tesla used a similar staff

Bringing it all Together

It’s funny, how many people later in life have this “awakening”. Your mind observes and records events all day, and processes this information as you sleep. It never stops processing this information. This is why shower thoughts are so common. Your surface thoughts are minimal and it allows your mind to push forward little fragments of awareness. As you get older and filled with life experience things change again. You mind if filled with information and one day your perspective of life shifts. All the tiny, seemingly unrelated data points suddenly are connected and make sense.

Just this week the Pyramids (yep them again) became some big information item for me. Which is also why I keep mentioning them. Then, last night, out of the blue a friend is talking to me about something unrelated, and he mentions someone was talking to him about pyramids… But this happens all the time. I’ll see something, talk about something and within a week that topic is in the news, or flooding my social media. The only thing this has not worked on is winning the lottery. Go figure, my “super power” doesn’t work on that right? As Tesla would say I’m just on the wrong frequency.

What this all means is that life, in all it’s randomness seems too fabricated. Are the gods still controlling our fate and just not revealing themselves anymore? Life seems to be one planned out event after another. Each week has a theme and it plays out very well like that.

Over the next week or so, I’ll start expanding on these concepts. I had a bout of insomnia this morning and had to write some thoughts down.