Last night i had the honor of previewing the newest addition to the NC Music Factory complex: AGBG. It’s a new bar, but this one has a theme and a purpose.

First and foremost, as any bar, they serve beer. But not any ordinary beer, they only serve craft beers. Never from a bottle, always from a tap. There’s 30 taps in total, all on a rotation aside from their ever evolving house beer.


What sets them apart from the rest now comes to a health conscious menu, and some rather unique offerings. They have possibly the best wings in Charlotte. Cooked over a grill, still moist and juicy with a sauce they imported right from NY, Dinosaur sauce. It’s not hot, just a sweet sauce full of flavor.

The menu doesn’t stop there. They have a high protein pasta salad, great German Brats, a grilled soft pretzel and many more offerings I could not even partake in because I was so full. Everything my small group tried was cooked very well.

Food is served deli window style. You are at the bar chatting away, and decide you’re hungry, but your friends may not be. So you go to the window, order up some food from the lovely lady at the register, pay and bring back your meal. It’s also a fantastic way to mix and mingle for the single folks out there. Instead of being stationed at the bar all night, the design is to get people moving around.

The bar’s “new to Charlotte” feature is the frosty bar. A rail the width of a pint glass runs the length of the bar. This rail is kept frozen which condenses the humidity into a frosty ice. It’s great to make snowballs, draw your name and keep your beer cold as you chat with your friends.

They also serve wine in half bottle sizes. Grab a picture of beer and a half bottle of wine and head on to the patio. The patio is huge, 1600 ore more square feet of umbrella tables, benches and conversational area. The idea is you can grab your beer, wine and disappear for an hour or more on the patio in nice weather.

I wont point out the negatives this round. They are a brand new bar trying many new things to target the health conscious 28+ crowds of Charlotte. Give them a chance, offer some feedback, they’re willing to listen. I admire a business not afraid to go against the grain and try to be different.