iPad Pro March Rumors

If you’re like me, you’ve got an iPad that desperately needs upgrading, but you don’t want to spring for last year’s tech. Personally, I still have the second iPad I purchased, the iPad 4 with Retina. I think it’s over 4 years old now. But it’s withstood the test of time and has been a wonderful device since the day it was purchased.

Has your phone been mysteriously acting up over the past month or two? Mine has. From sluggish app loads to a faster draining battery. It seems all too perfectly timed to aggravate me just enough to jump at a refresh during Apple’s March product line release.


To the Point

  • When is it out? March 2017 at the earliest
  • What will it cost? I Expect the price to be the standard $799

What is the iPad Pro 2 Release Date?

The original iPad Pro is over a year old, but considering the iPad Pro 9.7 came out earlier in 2016 and demand for new tablets isn’t high at the moment, we’re going to be waiting a little longer for an iPad Pro 2. Based on previous releases an early 2017 launch around March is possible

What’ll it cost me?

There’s no news on pricing yet, so we only have the original iPad Pro’s pricing to go from. That starts at $599 for the 9.7-inch model and $799 for the 12.9-inch one, so with pricing likely to be similar for the Pro 2 it certainly won’t be easy on the wallet.

iPad Pro 2 design

Hottest leaks:

  • A slimmer, lighter body
  • Water resistance
  • No headphone port 🙂

Not much is known about the iPad Pro 2 just yet – but leaked photos of a new Apple tablet have shown off what some believe to be the iPad Pro 2.

How awesome is the iPad Pro 2 screen?

  • Three sizes
  • A True Tone display
  • A fingerprint scanner built into the screen

Rumors about that new size include the fact that it will apparently be 2,224 x 1,668 in order to retain the same pixel density of 264 pixels per inch as the 9.7-inch model, and that despite having a larger screen, it would retain the same overall dimensions, by reducing the bezel.

The home button will be removed and the fingerprint scanner will be built into the screen, which would also mean a smaller bezel allowing Apple to fit the display into the same footprint as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. If real, this is a feature that’s likely to extend to the other size models too.



It’s got Da Powa

  • A powerful A10X processor
  • 4GB of RAM

It wouldn’t be a new iPad without a new processor. Apple is rumored to be sticking an A10X chip in the iPad Pro 2. It should be far more powerful than the original iPad Pro.