Micro Gaming

Micro Gaming is a relatively new phenomenom sweeping the mobile markets. A game you can play 1 round in roughly 30 seconds. Dig, Dug, Deeper does exactly this and extremely well.

From menu to game is fast, there’s a giant play button and a few share and store buttons. You play and your character is dropped right into the game. Swipe left or right to steer and avoid obstacles. That’s it, a deceptively simple controls scheme. But it’s addictive.


Scoring in Dig, Dug, Deeper is based on how long you stay alive. You can collect coins that persist between sessions to eventually unlock new characters. Currently there are 10 adorable characters to choose from. Each session lasts roughly 30 seconds. Ideal for the bus, subway or line at Starbucks.

It’s second day of release saw it downloaded in 20 countries and it has eclipsed the daily downloads of it’s predecessors “Rocket Shark” and “Bionic Bird”. Quite the achievement for a game released with little to no marketing.

Dig, Dug, Deeper Is free, but does include In-App purchases. From a very nominal fee of $0.99 to turn off ads, to the ability to buy coins that unlock characters. You can even obtain 500 coins free, by simply watching a reward video. Buying is completely optional as everything is available through normal gameplay. This is quite fair.

The Future

Dig, Dug, Deeper is my 3rd game release and there are other’s planned in the near future. “Color Madness” is almost done. It was created in Unity3D and programmed in C#.

Thanks to the hard work put into Dig, Dug, Deeper, Rocket Shark and Bionic Bird both had a complete overhaul and are awaiting iTunes review. This gives them a streamlined User Experience (UX) and a more professional look.

The Plan

These games are all done by one person laboring on a PC in the basement. The game plan is to eventually make bigger games. My philosophy is to start out small, avoid KickStarter, work within the budget ($0) and keep growing providing tangible products to the community along the way. This way I can provide something in return for the hopes of income that will allow me to make better quality games. I absolutely love gaming and will continue this as long as I have my da job.

Thank you everyone for helping make Dig, Dug, Deeper a launch week success!