Tito Menjivar: Revenge Pornographer

North Carolina’s most Notorious Adventure guide is at it again. Tito Menjivar of “Carolina Adventure Guides Rock climbing in Charlotte”,  recently posted more videos of his long Ex girlfriend. The one who claims to have left the state because she feared him. So we’re sticking to the facts here. The original letter that started this all is at the bottom. The only edit is the “victim’s” name stricken out.

Tito Livia Menjivar also had a “Public Order Free Text” warrant in () 2015:

“In criminologypublic-order crime is defined by Siegel (2004) as “crime which involves acts that interfere with the operations of society is the ability of people to function efficiently”, i.e., it is behaviour that has been labelled criminal because it is contrary to shared norms, social values, and customs. Robertson (1989:123) maintains a crime is nothing more than “an act that contravenes a law”. Generally speaking, deviancy is criminalized when it is too disruptive and has proved uncontrollable through informal sanctions.”

Note: All pictures, links and text were taken from publicly available sources and found via Bing and Google. As a Journalist I am trying to remain as factual as possible.

Tito Menj rape and victim

Tito Menj is quite the shutterbug.

When Tito Menjivar of “Carolina Adventure Guides Rock climbing in Charlotte” was initially caught, December 2014 he did a frantic confession apology.

Summary is Tito Menjivar of “Carolina Adventure Guides Rock climbing in Charlotte” claims she did it first, then he did it. Then a “girlfriend” business partner asked why he did it and he said “he was hurting”. This was two years ago, yet Tito Menjivar of “Carolina Adventure Guides” keeps posting new material every so often, the latest found only 4 months ago. Roughly 6 months ago a twitter account was created and the picture was a side by side of Victim 1 and another “Victim 2”. That account no longer exists but the picture does, thanks to the archiving nature of the internet.

The problem is compounded further as this “victim” isn’t the only one. At one point he had released photos of 20-30 other victims he met and seduced through his “Carolina Adventure Guides Rock climbing in Charlotte” company. Which looks more like a front to poach and exploit young and vulnerable woman who are new to North Carolina. None of the other victims have ever come forward as the pictures are extremely embarrassing and could ruin their careers. He has them all tucked away on his laptop. Gigabytes of photos of exploited woman.

The following links are to highly sexual in nature videos and photos. Click at your own risk.

Link 1 to videos:

Link 2 same video different location:

Link 3 an entire damn photo album:



Tito Menjivar confession

The first Confession of Tito Menj

the Second confession of Tito Menjivar

The Second confession of Tito Menj


Tito Menjivar Final confession

Tito Menj Final confession

Tito Menjivar of “Carolina Adventure Guides Rock climbing in Charlotte” may have apologized, but his videos and pictures have been reposted 3 years later. Since I do not have any knowledge of who the person posting the current images and materials is, we cannot go beyond speculation and assumptions, which is beyond the scope of this article.

The letter that started it all:

A letter from <REDACTED>:

December 2014

Dear friends,

This letter is both an apology to you as well as an explanation for why I left home in 2013 without telling anybody that I was doing so, why I was doing so, or where I was going. At the time, I felt that was the safest and wisest decision for me.

Maybe you wondered why I left. I will tell you with my own words and using this (my own) website, which many of you know I used in the past for my photography business.

Any other representation of me on any website except this one (<REDACTED>) is fraudulent and was not made by me.

Any contact purportedly coming from me after you receive the link to this website is fraudulent and was not made by me.

Between 2010 – 2013, I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina and was involved with a man during that time. The relationship with this man became abusive and the emotional and physical violence escalated over time. The emotional toll of the abuse was severe and interfered with my health and daily routine. In August 2013, this man assaulted me following a call I received from a male business client. The assault ended when I called 911 and he fled from my residence. Following the assault, I barricaded myself in my home by placing furniture in front of my door. He returned less than an hour later and broke through the barricaded front door in an attempt to “reason” with me. At this point, I asked him to leave, which he did, and I have not been in his physical presence since. But I was afraid he would assault me again.

After his assault, I deactivated all of my social media accounts and took to the road. I left North Carolina to get away from this man, whom I had strong reason to fear. I began to ignore emails, text messages, and phone calls that I received from him.

By the spring of 2014, I discovered that this man had created imposter social media accounts in my name and websites onto which he posted sexually explicit photographs of me. He created multiple profiles using my full name, college name, email address, phone number, and last known address, and PhotoShopped pictures of my face onto other bodies in humiliating and degrading situations. He then posted these “revenge porn” photos to dozens of websites advocating the shaming of ex-girlfriends and sites advertising or soliciting contact of a sexual nature. As a result of his actions, I continue to receive photographs, text messages, and emails from strangers from around the country soliciting me for sex.

This man is waging an ongoing campaign of Internet humiliation, defamation, bullying and stalking against me. The only difference between the terror and abuse I suffered in his presence and the abuse I am experiencing now is the public nature of his current campaign of emotional violence. He continues to use every opportunity and means to ensure that I can no longer pursue my daily activities, professionally or socially, without the constant fear that someone has searched my name online or been led to one of the many websites to which he has posted degrading pictures. I am unable to secure a steady job or residence.

I have discovered that he has also posted and manipulated photographs of several of my female friends in his revenge porn campaign against me.

If you have seen sexually explicit representations of me on the Internet, then this letter is your explanation as to why.


To my friends, I say:

I love you all so much. I have missed you and felt the deep absence of you in my life. Please try to understand why I made the decision to leave and why I felt that I had to leave without telling anyone. I am not the sick caricature this man has painted me to be. If you ever knew me truly, then you know that in your heart.

Be well through your journeys and never forget how much I cared for you all–

In Peace & Light,

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