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Guns are not the disease, They’re the symptom of the disease


Guns are not the disease, they’re the symptom of the disease.

In light of Obama’s heart wrenching and highly manipulative speech on Gun Control, I’ve come out of the darkness again to write this out. Mostly I’ve been focusing on my Youtube Gaming Channel and Gaming Blog. Mostly because Politics is so mentally draining and people are getting very divisive on it… A topic for another day.


Maybe these fake tears will persuade them

So here’s a list, how I perceive this problem with growing gun violence and mass shootings plaguing our nation.

  1. News Media. They’re all clickbait, race-baiting assholes no matter what political lean they are. There’s a good chance you can find every detail, family member and special interest of all the mass murderers, but finding information about their victims is almost impossible. This instant immortality without having to work too hard is very tempting to weak minded people who suck at life and would otherwise fail to ever be remembered. But now that the whole mass murderer market is flooded, 2015 had I “think” over 100 of them, not everyone gets a spot in fame. So now that have to devise even more evil plans to gain forever remembrance and fame.
  2. Medications. Most violent criminals are pepped on on legal medications and antidepressants. Prozac is a common drug of mass murderers.
  3. Lack of personal accountability. This is a huge societal problem that’s not just related to gun violence. People will be assholes if there’s no chance of punishment. In 1974 Marina Abramović proved this. We have Thugs doing stupid shit and getting shot by cops. Instead of the people saying he deserved it, they rioted and burned down Ferguson. Brown was a Thug, Daquan Westbrook was a thug (ironically shot by Officer Ferguson). But instead of acknowledging this they put a fucking memorial sign in his honor. Zimmerman and Trayvon were thugs. STOP making excuses for people like this. It doesn’t do society any good to cover this up as misguided. If you point a gun at a cop, you’re a thug and made a really bad series of life decisions to get to this life ending moment.
  4. Education, or lack thereof. Our public schools are eroding. At least in the case of NC, they barely pay teachers. So we either get people who really care and don’t need money (I’m friends with many of this type teacher) or the people who suck so bad at life this is their end game.
  5. Breakdown in family values. Too many broken homes, single parents who work their asses off and don’t have time to spend with children. The battle against the traditional family. Everything is simply formulated to divide and weaken the core of this country. With Poor family structure we have…
  6. TV. It’s cluttered with Bull Shit. Even kids shows suck. Mr Rogers needs a reincarnation. With parents away working 2-3 jobs, kids are left to their own entertainment which leads to an inordinate amount of exposure to intelligence stunting TV.
  7. Breakdown in religious influence. Atheists argue they don’t need a God to be moral. That can be true, but… Churches do a whole lot more. They bring communities together and give life guidance. They help the poor, and people who can’t take care of themselves. They organize community action to go out there and assist as a whole and not an individual. Without guidance most people are lost and fall down the wrong path.
  8. Individualism. Thinking about only yourself makes you an asshole. It also makes traffic suck, lines longer and a slew of other societal issues best left for another chapter. When humans actually unite and work together, amazing things happen. The Pyramids were built by people with a single goal. The Pentagon was built in 18 months because the people were united into this goal. When people are divided it takes 10 years a a billion dollars to build a fire house. The Boston Big Dig  was so far over schedule and over budget because no one could work together. The new World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) took years just to agree on a building design and name. Individualism is weak.
  9. Because we’re all stuck on ourselves, we’ve become binary and divided in our beliefs. We have a constant and divisive battle between Liberal and Conservative. Now that Liberals have gotten a lot of their bullshit through, they’ve started infighting just as badly as the GOP.
  10. A people divided are easier to control as they become desperate for someone to lead. This is how dictators rise to power. In Rome this was the first Emperor. In Star Wars, this was how Palpatine rose to power. I know Star Wars is Fiction. But as a fiction writer I understand some of the best and most believable stories come from real life. History is full of these stories that make great fictional inspiration.
  11. Lastly this gender stereotype squabble. Woman and Men are physically and mentally different. We have different needs and together create a whole. It’s nature, get over it.

In closing

Humans left to their own devices, without proper education and moral guidance fall back to their animalistic ways, in modern terms: Assholes. Without personal accountability, people feel more empowered to do horrible things. Without proper guidance people stray off the path. Without unity, people achieve nothing.

Guns are not the disease. Guns are merely a Symptom of a much greater disease plaguing this country.

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