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    Having a Wikipedia page is not the end to making it to a greater rank on the search engines. It requires continuous monitoring and updating so it can provide the readers with fresh information. You must remember the Wikipedia is an open source of information having a user-edit nature so anyone can edit your Wikipedia page. There are two methods to monitor a Wikipedia page.
    Enabling notifications: Wikipedia page creation means having an authentic account on the platform. You can enable notifications on the platform if you have a credible account and adjust the settings to daily notifications so you can be updated on any edit made in your article.
    Adding your page on the watch list: this also requires you to have a Wikipedia account. You can add your page to the watch list by clicking the star at the top of your page.
    You must remember that the notifications you will receive are only notifying you of the change made, so you can either change the edited information or keep it. Do you know any other way of monitoring your Wikipedia article?

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