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Chaos Mistress is the mainstay writer and editor of The Chaosrift. Avid outdoor and athletics. Passionate about politics, video games and life.
Thrifty Adventures, The Carolina Adventure Guides

Thrifty Adventures: The Carolina Adventure Guides

North Carolina is an amazing state for people who love adventure. Low population,…
bikini contest

Science Confirms: Men like Skinny Girls

Skinny girls for the win Sorry body acceptance people, science outed you. Men…
Diplomats Run Down Protestors

Diplomats Run Down Protestors

A really nice Audi meets a group of protesters who feel it’s in…
man loving pregnant wife

It’s Heterosexual Pride Month

It’s Heterosexual Pride Month Celebrate The People Who Keep The Human Race Alive…
muslim hates pork

Muslim Migrants Demand Pork free Menus or…

Short answer: Hope you enjoy the flight to wherever you’re infesting next! Infestation…
transgender thing

Transgenderism: The Normalized Mental Disorder

The idea that one’s sex is a feeling, not a fact, has permeated…
Monsanto is poisoning you

The Story Monsanto offered me $1m to…

You won’t find this information on the front page news. Monsanto will do anything…
Tito Menj: Revenge Pornographer

Tito Menjivar: Revenge Pornographer

North Carolina’s most Notorious Adventure guide is at it again. Tito Menjivar of “Carolina…
trump president

The Trump Voters Reasons Revealed

The Trump Voter. In my town, which is half rural, half city (weird…
Hillary Clinton Messiah

10 reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton…

If you are Gay, Why are you voting for Hillary when she wants…
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